Toni Morrison’s 1973 novel “Sula” is one of the best written works about the African-American life. It’s no wonder that it is widely studied at the American literature classes and the essays on Sula are a commonplace assignment that you can get at these classes. To write a good essay on the topic you need to read the novel first to know what it’s all about.

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So what to do if you are assigned to write essays on Sula? First of all you are to read the novel, because none of the critical analyses can give as detailed description of the book as you can get it from the primary source. Second of all you are to study the instructions as for the essay as well as the questions to be answered in the paper and make sure you understand them. Only after everything is clear you can start planning your work and begin writing it.

The simple retelling of the plot without any deep thoughts or analyses is not really a good way to arrange your writing. When choosing the topic try to think of something more interesting and even intriguing. There are a lot of characters in the novel and they are all different and interesting in their own way. You can choose one of them, not obligatory Sula, the main heroin, to discuss and analyze in your essay.

The novel is full of deaths. Actually someone dies in each chapter of the book. Dwell on this issue. Think what meaning it has or what meaning did the author intended to give to this fact. The novel is said to be lesbian because it criticises the heterosexual relationships. Do you agree with it? What other motives could the writer have while thinking of the plot? Think of the novel’s contrasting the black-female life to the predominantly white-male society.

As you see there are lots of possible topics to be picked up and discussed in your essays on Sula. Just consider your audience and the supervisor’s preferences as well as the major guidelines and offered directions of the research. You may also have some other feelings and ideas after you read the novel, so find a book and read it.